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Online Payment Options

You have the choice of paying for MSFL online using either Venmo or PayPal. Avoid long lines at registration or having to remember to bring a check or cash, and let the fun begin that much sooner!

After you register, make a note of the TOTAL amount owed since you will need to type that amount in before paying online. Then click on the Venmo link or the Paypal button below to pay. Also when registering, in the memo or note field, please add the name of the person being registered. This could be different from who is paying for it, and in some cases, the payer's name is not passed along to MSFL.

There will be a small fee added to your total when paying using one of these methods. This is the fee charged to MSFL by the payment company, The fee will be different depending on which method you use and is shown below:

  • For Venmo, 1.9% will be added to your total. When using Venmo, the account name to which you transfer your funds is in the name of MSFL's treasurer, John Peiffer.
  • For PayPal, 2.59% will be added to your total

You do not need to add these amounts to your total when paying. Venmo or Paypal will do that.

Click here to pay using Venmo

Click here to pay using Paypal - Please note that Paypal has a security measure that prohibits the visually impaired from getting to the payment page. It asks you to select all of the images with a specific item in them. The images are small, blurred, and sometimes difficult for sighted people to choose correctly. If you are visually impaired, please ask a sighted person to assist if you wish to pay online using PayPal.

A final note about electronic payments. You will have the option to use either of these methods to pay at registration, and we hope to have Square as an option available on-site too. Auction items may be purchased using any of these methods. The same fees will still apply whether you pay onsite or online.

We hope you consider paying online this year. It will take some work off our hard-working treasurer and hopefully, you will find it easier too!