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Have you ever dreamed of learning to cross-country skiing?  Being out in the woods, enjoying the snow crunching under your skis, returning to a warm fire for hot drinks and friendly conversation?  

Are you a seasoned skier who wants to share your love of this Nordic sport and accompanying culture? Are you visually or physically impaired (a VIP in our vocabulary!) and want to get outdoors and have fun!  Would you like to offer assistance to MSFL as a worker bee or guide?

At Michigan Ski for Light, we have been focused on bringing this love of skiing, snow, and fun to those with Visual or Physical impairments for nearly 5 decades.  For years we have hosted our event on the north shore of Higgins Lake at the Ralph A. McMullen Conference Center with the help of the Roscommon Lions Club.  This year, we are excited to announce that this long-time partnership is growing even tighter with the Roscommon Lions agreement to Co-Sponsor our event!  

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What does this mean for MSFL?  For years the Lions have provided volunteers and support to enable many of our logistics.  Transportation to and from the ski trails, warming areas at each trailhead with a bonfire, hot drinks, and great conversation.  In addition, they have hosted our Friday night meal and Saturday social along with financial support.  All of this remains, but now are able to expand our recruitment activities through all of the Michigan Lions Club chapters.

We have been blessed for years with many committed guides who are able to teach skiing to those who have never been on skis all the way up to chasing our most competitive skiers.  We are now focused on growing our participant numbers so more people, from more communities, can share in our love of skiing.  If you know of someone who may be interested, please encourage them to check us out at MSFL.ORG

Registration for the MSFL 2024 event will open on November 1, 2023.

If you have participated with us in the past, we will be offering discounts for anyone who is responsible for bringing a first-time VIP skier to attend the 2024 event. More details will be on the website by the time registration opens.

We are looking forward to another fun year of food, fun, laughter, and enjoyment while celebrating winter activities in the great outdoors! Hope to see you there!

Ted Ellickson
President, Michigan Ski for Light