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MSFL Committees

volunteers for msfl committees
MSFL committee volunteers

There are a total of five MSFL Committees in addition to a board of directors that make MSFL happen. A description of each committee, its current chair, and current members are noted below.

It takes time and effort from lots of volunteers to put on the MSFL Annual Event. We are always looking for more volunteers!! As you can see, many of the same people are doing most of the work. Please contact us if you see a committee that you'd like to help out on and we will get in touch with you.

Finally, if you have it in your future to become a member of the MSFL Board of Directors, it is a requirement that any person wishing to run for a seat on our board must have been part of a committee for at least two years. All the more reasons to get involved today!

Fund Raising Committee - John Peiffer, Chair

Apparel, Purchasing, Strategies, and Donations

  • Auction, Talent Show, 50/50 Raffle, Pins - Sarah Bradley, Ted Ellickson, Bev Mapes, John Peiffer, Kim Ellickson
  • Auction Donations - Kim Ellickson, Bev Mapes
  • MSFL Apparel and Gear (shirts, blankets, jackets, hats, pins, etc.) - John Peiffer, Sarah Bradley

Skier Guide Recruitment, Communications & Website - Sarah Bradley, Chair

Communications and Website

  • Website - Bev Mapes
  • Multi-media, email, social media platforms, etc. - Sarah Bradley, Bev Mapes
  • RAM Center communications and menu - John Peiffer
  • Roscommon Lions Club coordination - John Peiffer
  • Skier and Guide Training - Ted Ellickson
  • Event announcements - Ted Ellickson
  • Opening ceremony, announcements, skier pairing - Ted Ellickson, Sarah Bradley
  • Annual meeting and elections - Ted Ellickson

Registration - Hayley Balogh, Chair

Registration Coordination and Event Preparations

  • Event (Friday) check-in and payments - John Peiffer, Hayley Balogh
  • Insurance – Steve Peak
  • Pre-Registration / Room Assignments – Hayley Balogh
  • Transportation
    • Travel from Lansing: John Peiffer
    • Travel from Detroit & Grand Rapids: All
  • Westminster On-Site Coordination & Food – Sarah Bradley
  • Sit Ski’s
    • Transport: John Peiffer
    • Pairing with Guides: Ted Ellickson
  • Rental Ski Coordination - John Peiffer, Roscommon Lions Club
  • Event Packets, Event Schedules and Name Tags -  John Peiffer, Marcy Peiffer, EM Contacts

Safety Committee - Kim Ellickson, Chair

  • Skier and guide safety
  • First aid
  • Event accident and emergency prevention and preparedness
  • COVID19 related coordination

Event Activities - Hayley Balogh, Chair

Activities at the MSFL Annual Event

  • Event photography - TBD
  • Trail preparation, signage, outhouse, trail extension - Steve Peak, Bill Keith, Brad Horton, Hal Wolfe
  • Race - Steve Peak
  • Poker Run - Kim Ellickson
  • Awards - John Peiffer, Sarah Bradley
  • Opening & Closing Ceremony - Ted Ellickson
  • Additional Food & Snacks - TBD
  • Dance, after dance cleanup, DJ assignment, sound equipment - Sarah Bradley, Richard Browser, Jeff Crouch
  • Friday pizza and salad, food cleanup - Roscommon Lions Club, Kim Ellickson, Jim Ellickson, Fred Olmsted
  • Euchre & games

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Joining a committee, even if you only do one thing to help out, helps us all out! New, fresh ideas and people to make them happen will help MSFL be even more fun, and continue to grow. Volunteer today!