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Skier Stories

"I feel free and refreshed when I'm out on the trails"
Cheryl Wade, Bay City MI

Cheryl Wade with a MSU sweatshirt and hat, raising her arm cheering for Michigan State team
MSFL Skier Cheryl Wade and her "go green" [go white] cheer
I have been skiing with Michigan Ski for Light since about 1981 -- with a few absences including during recovery from neck surgery.

I remember it was after the Ski for Light International event I attended in Traverse City in 1980, before I ever visited Higgins Lake. I had taken the bus from Mount Pleasant to Battle Creek to attend a winter camp for people who are blind, and there I did just what I wanted to do: learned to cross-country ski. I went on the trails for 20 minutes and I knew this would be MY THING. I asked for and received skis for Christmas, and I'm on my third or fourth pair.

I love MSFL because I feel free and refreshed when I'm out on the trails. My guide and I can ski as fast as we can for 15 or 20 minutes, then stop for a leisurely drink of water and a few stretches. We can stop to touch deer footprints or speed up and try to pass three or four other teams.

Of course, the social life at MSFL is at least half the fun. I have dear friends whom I have known for years, and each year we easily pick up from where we left off.

Lately, I have worked and hoped to bring new skiers to MSFL. I just met a woman on the phone, directed to me by a friend. After talking to her once, she decided cross-country skiing would become her new thing, too. Hope you will meet her in 2018.

"A great opportunity to get outdoors for a unique activity"
- Brenda Henige, East Lansing, MI

I have been attending MSFL since 2015 after meeting my friend Cheryl. I met her at a career conference, and since she is also blind, she invited me to participate. I'm so glad she did!

Attending Michigan Ski for Light is a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy a unique activity along with those who are sighted. There are people of all ages and with different levels of vision and skiing ability.

I really like that, through MSFL, those of us who are blind or partially sighted are able to cross country ski along with both sighted and fellow vision-impaired skiers. The volunteer guides and worker bees are enthusiastic and supportive in helping us learn to ski, help us "see" what's in the trail ahead, and improve on our skills.

There is plenty more to do, with the bonfires, meals, and other events that go on over the weekend. I also enjoy the time to just hang out and meet others from around Michigan and elsewhere, and catch up on what we have been doing since we last were together at MSFL.

Sunday morning’s competitive cross country ski race is something I look forward to each year. At the same time as the competitive race, other skiers can participate in the “Poker Run,” a fun game in which we play a variation of poker on ski's.

It's amazing how so many local Lions Club members and other volunteers from all over Michigan come together to make this event happen! We are all so grateful. Many participants and volunteers return to Higgins Lake every January because once you come, you realize how much fun it really is to share this special and unique experience.

Enjoys the speed and freedom of the skit ski
- Richard

Richard is one of our mobility impaired skiers. Richard has used crutches and braces to walk due to a birth defect. He thoroughly enjoys the speed and freedom of our new sit skis. Richard, a professional, also is one of our better donors. 
Thank you Richard!