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Waiver of Liability

2023 Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event

January 13–15, 2023

This waiver of liability contains important information about cross-country skiing and the 2023 Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event, and their potential risks. If you wish to participate at the Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event, please read and agree to the waiver of liability release when registering. No one will be permitted to participate at the event, in any capacity, until this agreement is signed by checking the appropriate box when registering.

In consideration of being allowed participating in the 2023 Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event, I, (your name as listed on the online registration form) hereby release Michigan Ski for Light, the “Organization”, which includes all volunteers, the MSFL Membership, the MSFL Board and Executive Directors, agents, and any person either officially or unofficially connected with the Organization’s activities including donors from any duty of care toward me associated with activities connected with the Michigan Ski for Light.

I knowingly accept full responsibility for risk of damage to personal property, personal injury, or death arising from the Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event activities, including any transportation paid for or provided.

I understand that this release covers all aspects of the act of cross country skiing, instruction, guiding, collision, condition of terrain, accommodations, board, transportation, and any and all other aspects of the Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event.

I have completely read and understand this “Waiver of Liability,” which includes health risks and dangers that may be associated while attending the Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event and all of its activities.

I choose to attend and participate at the Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event weekend, while waiving all rights to bring any action against Michigan Ski for Light "Organization” for activities connected with the Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event.

I release my right to any compensation and permit Michigan Ski for Light to use of pictures, videos, or likeness of me, which may be captured during the Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event.

I have read the Waiver of Liability, 2018 Michigan Ski for Light Regional Event and I willfully sign the electronic release by selecting the checkbox on the registration form.


Cross country, skiing is generally regarded as one of the best fitness activities in the world, because it involves the simultaneous use of most muscle groups, supported by the work of several different systems of the body. For those not familiar with skiing, cross-country skiing differs from downhill skiing in several important ways. In cross-country skiing, the skier’s boot is attached to the ski by only the toe, with the heel of the boot “free.” The unconstrained heel allows a cross country skier to climb hills and traverse level terrain, as well as travel down hills, making the sport truly “cross country” activity. In addition, the cross-country skier wears lighter clothing than the downhill skier, because of the body heat generated by the exercise.

At Michigan Ski for Light, each visually- or mobility-impaired skier is matched with an experienced sighted, able-bodied ski guide for the event. As a pair, they ski together throughout the event. The visually- or mobility-impaired person skis in pre-set tracks or grooves in the snow, while the guide skis in a similar set of tracks alongside. For the visually-impaired skier, the guide informs the skier of changes in direction and level of tracks, offers instructional tips and suggestions, and tells the skier about the countryside; for the mobility-impaired skier, the guide provides physical assistance and stability as needed. Each guide/skier pair decides together how far, how long, and on what kind of terrain they will ski.

Depending on the skier’s approach to the sport, cross-country skiing can be as gentle as a stroll through a park, or as physically demanding as any aerobic workout. The sport however, may not be right for every single person, any more than jogging, bicycle, or any other fitness activity is right for every single person. This will depend on the person’s general health and physical condition, lifestyle, heredity, and other factors.

Michigan Ski for Light believes that each person who is considering cross-country skiing at the Ski for Light Regional Event should make his/her own personal decision about participation in this activity. To best make this decision, it is advised that each prospective participant consult with a physician, who can best inform the applicant about the risks of participation, given the individual’s medical history and physical condition. This is especially important for any applicant with any underlying medical condition, as cross country skiing might exacerbate the effects of any such condition. It is also advised that each prospective participant try to get into better physical condition in the months before the event. This is just common sense for anyone considering any physically demanding activity.

In addition to possible health-related risks, applicants should be aware that all active sports do have a number of other inherent risks. Taking part in cross country skiing at the Ski for Light Regional Event obviously involves the risk of accident or injury as well as the risk of human error on the part of any guide or participant.

While attending Michigan Ski for Light, each participant is responsible for his/her own safety. This means, amount other things, that if at any time a participant feels physical discomfort, or uncomfortable skiing at a given pace or on a specific terrain, he/she should immediately inform the skiing partner and stop.

If each participant understands the physical demands of the sport and the limitations of the body, set and pursues reasonable goals, and exercises common sense, he/she should be able to enjoy the great sport, and to learn why so many people love it. And once these basic safety and common sense guidelines are understood and under control each participant can begin to recognize cross country skiing as not only an enjoyable activity, but also as a vehicle for improving overall fitness, and for accomplishing things once thought impossible. That is what Michigan Ski for Light is all about.

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